In the United Kingdom, the v5c document or the logbook is quite important when buying or selling a car. For anyone who is trying to purchase a second-hand vehicle, it serves as proof that the unit is not stolen, cloned, or perhaps a previous write off. Also, it is an important requirement when trying to road tax a vehicle. Without it, you could get penalized.

But what if you have already bought the automobile? Read on and find out what you need to do and how to get car tax without the logbook v5c.

Ensure That It Is Not Stolen

researchingThe first step that you have to take is to ensure that the used vehicle that you have just bought is not stolen. Like what we have said above, this is a possibility if it did not come with the v5c document. This is the reason why it is quite important to look for it before buying a unit. But since you already have the car, then you have to take the necessary steps to find out whether or not it was legitimately sold to you.

In the UK, there are several agencies that can you can go to if you wish to check the history of a certain vehicle. They can also help you out in checking the list of cars that were reported to be stolen. In fact, they can even assist you in making sure that what you have just purchased was not written off.

Try to Contact the Seller

Road taxing a vehicle could really be a huge headache without the logbook. So another thing that you can do is to try and contact the seller to ask about the v5c document. Maybe they just forgot to give it to you. However, another challenge is, what if the seller really don’t have it? Or worse, what if you can’t contact them anymore?

Report and Seek Help

If you have already exhausted all efforts and you still ended up empty-handed, then it is time to make a report and seek help. Take note that driving a car without the proper paperwork is a violation, and, of course, you don’t want to be breaking the law. It would then be best to approach the authorities and be proactive in telling them what happened.

Furthermore, you can contact and seek the help of companies that specialize in this type of problem. They can be of great help.

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