Top Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Do you take your cat to a vet doctor on a routine basis? Remember that even if the cat does not appear to be sick, there is a need to provide preventative care. The following are some of the top ways to keep your cat healthy.

Groom the Cat Regularly

It does not matter whether your cat has long or short fur; he or she will benefit a lot from routine brushing or combing. Moreover, it offers you an opportunity to discover any changes to the body. If you notice irregularities such as sore spots, bumps, or lumps, you can contact your veterinarian.

Provide Fresh Water

You should note that freshwater is quite important to your kitten’s health. If the cat does not seem to drink from the bowl, consider providing it with a tall glass or even a cat fountain. Ensure you replenish water with a clean, fresh water supply each day.

Have Enough Litter Boxes

catA conventional rule is that you will need a litter box for each cat plus an extra more. Therefore, if you have three cats, then you ought to get four litter boxes. You can encourage good habits by ensuring all the litter boxes are clean. That may mean having to scoop several times a day. Routine cleaning can help you notice changes in the cat’s stool or urine.

If you realize that the cat urinates outside the litter box, before you think it is an accident, you should consult your vet doctor. You may be surprised to discover that your cat is suffering from urinary tract infection.

Get a Scratching Post

Other than this preventing damage to the furniture, it can help the cat to stretch the muscles and keep claws in great condition. Routine scratching on the right surface, such as cardboard, sisal, or carpet, can help get old layers from the cat’s claws.

Use Cat Carrier

When moving to a new home or you want to visit a vet doctor, you ought to transport the cat to the right carrier. Leaving the cat to roam freely can distract you from driving safely. Unfortunately, that may result in accidents that can you and even the cat.

Oral Health

There is a need to ensure your cats have great oral health. You should note that they can develop tartar if their teeth are not cleaned on a routine basis.

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