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Alkaline Water Filters – How To Make A Good Purchase?


Water ionizers, or more commonly known as alkaline water filters, are becoming more popular with each passing day. Even though many people are rushing to buy them for their households, most of them don’t truly know what differentiates one filter from another, which device provides the highest quality, and which one just has the best marketing.

Unless you are a scientist, this can be quite confusing. However, the truth is that more expensive does not always mean higher quality. With so many models on the market, people usually opt for a filter model based on its advertising, rather than its actual quality. In most cases, even the dealers are incapable of accurately comparing alkaline filters.drop

Purchasing the appropriate alkaline filter is a big and important investment. Here, you will need a machine that will offer quality and last for a long time. When it comes to making a purchase, there are two major factors you should pay attention to.

The price

The prices of these filters can range anywhere from 700 dollars to more than 4000 dollars, depending on where you plan to buy and whether you want to buy a used device. In general, there are three main classes of alkaline filters according to their prices.

Used ionizers

The lowest class are, undoubtedly, used ionizers. These filters can be found at a wide range of prices. However, you should keep in mind that you will probably not know how the filter was used before you purchased it. Their durability and lifespan will also be shortened as well.

Lightweight ionizers

The middle class is mostly constituted by new, lightweight water filters. These can last for a long period and can do a pretty good job. However, depending on the type of your water, they may not be capable of providing a highly efficient performance, simply because they are not strong enough. But, they can be a good solution for smaller families who are looking for a fair price compromise.

Full-house ionizers

The top class of ionizers consists of heavy-weight alkaline filtering systems, which are capable of purifying vast amounts of water and providing very high-efficiency levels. If you have a large household, a large number of family members and a fairly big budget consider these filters. However, be prepared to spend no less than 2000 dollars.

The performance levels

waterNow that we have covered the main price points let’s focus on the actual performance of alkaline water filtering systems. When it comes to determining the performance, you should pay attention to a system’s capability to maintain proper -ORP and pH levels consistently. Also, you should pay attention to whether a system can work over time by maintaining and cleaning itself efficiently, without you having to wait for the water while it performs the cleaning procedure.

Additionally, you will want an alkaline filter system whose cleaning procedure efficiently eliminates the buildup of scaling on its plates. This buildup is a well-known side effect of filtering hard water, and it is something that can shorten the lifespan of your alkaline filter.

If the systems you are planning to purchase have these features, your only remaining considerations should be a brand’s reputation and warranty. To be sure, don’t forget to get in touch with a certain company and inquire about the customer service benefits, maintenance and return policy.


Top Things to Do When Visiting Richmond, Melbourne

Richmond is a fast-growing diverse suburb in Melbourne, Australia. The suburb has an eclectic mix of well designed residential houses, shopping complexes and public places & parks. Situated about three kilometers from the central business district of Melbourne, Richmond is well known for its variety of foods & drinks and discount shopping.

However, with the largest sporting venue across the Southern Hemisphere and unique street art on many public walls of the suburb, there is much to discover in addition to eateries and clothes. You can read more at Here are some of the top things to do in Richmond;

Things to do

Dine at Friends of Minedelicious meal

If you want to enjoy mouth-watering brunch at an arty and well-laid back restaurant, then Friends of Mine is the place to visit. The eatery prides itself on using organic and locally sourced produce to prepare their meals. Whether you want to enjoy a heartier lunch or are looking for a tasty all-day breakfast, Friends of Mine will serve you with the best of your choice. If you are lucky to pop in on the last Sunday of every month, you will enjoy the delightful High Tea served once every month.

Shop for bargains

If you are a clothes’ fanatic, then you should make your way to Bridge Road- a renowned street with vast shopping opportunities. There are great bargains and treasures that you will find in the numerous factory outlets and boutiques selling fashion items like clothes, shoes, vintage fashion, and accessories. The street is also ideal for shopping for big and sturdier furniture made using world class designs.

Discover street art

Richmond boasts of a unique number of amazing street art murals. From bold graffiti art to artistically drawn and intricately designed photographic art, the suburb has some of the finest forms of street art across the globe. Local artists have drawn much of the artwork in the suburb, but there are other pieces accredited to internationally known muralists. The best places to see this art is on the walls around the train station and the streets that branch off from Swan Street.

Watch a sporting activity

Thesporting activity Melbourne Cricket Ground in Richmond is the largest sporting ground not only in Australia but also in the Southern hemisphere. With a 100,000 holding capacity, the stadium hosts different sporting events like Australian Football events in the winter, cricket games during summer holidays, other sports like rugby and major rock concerts.

Visiting Richmond, Melbourne is a dream come true for any travel enthusiasts. The suburb provides all the important aspects of any vacation or holiday in a nutshell. When in Richmond, there are many world class hotels and accommodation facilities to reside in during your vacation.