Benefits of Using a Bong

If you have smoked using a bong, you are aware that the smoking experience is smooth and beats non-other. Smoking through water is an ancient smoking culture, which the current generation is embracing. The invention of the bong is the best therapeutic way of ingesting healing herbs. The ancient cultures used bamboo tubes to filter smokes when smoking. Similarly, modern bongs filter smokes in various ways. Hemper sells them. For instance, there are standard bongs, recyclers, ice bongs, or percolators. Each has a different way of filtering smoke. Here are some of the benefits of using bong:

Bongs Produce Smoother Hits

A major effect ofbong smoking cannabis is that the smoke can irritate the smoker’s throat when inhaling. The hot smoke produces an unpleasant burning sensation when the joint, dry pipes, or blunts enters the lungs directly. However, when using a bong, the smoke cools down in the bong water before one inhales it, giving a smooth hit. Although the smoker will cough, using a bong is extremely healthy.

Better Filtration

All fires produce carcinogens. Regrettably, bong cannot eliminate all carcinogens and other contaminants completely. Nevertheless, the bongs technique of filtering smoke through water will significantly reduce the percentage of harmful compounds that enter the lungs. Notably, the water filters out destructive by-products of the smoke such as tar. Any experienced smoker can testify that swallowing large amounts of ash is one unpleasant moment of herb smoking. Therefore, the bongs ensure that such particles and tar stay in the water.

Bong Reduce Bacteria and Molds

The bong water traps bacteria and molds in the herbs, lowering the number of microbes that an individual inhales. Furthermore, most smokers have habits of passing bongs, joints, or pipes around, which transfers infections from one person to another. However, the bong is safer because some contaminants get filtered through the water instead of the lungs. Therefore, for one to obtain the most benefits out of the bong, he or she must change the water between smoking sessions.

Getting Better Hits

Most cannabis smokersSmoking prefer glass bongs because it allows the user to take in a huge rip. Although massive rips are not the healthy method of consuming herbs, however, it is fun for stoners. Therefore, new users should be cautious and work their way to massive hits.

Bongs Are Fun

Bong is excellent and practical for starters. The glass is a flexible material that comes with a variety of colors. Its mold-ability allows the manufacturer to craft endless sorts of shapes.

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